Lightway Life
"A Higher Standard"

Being parents ourselves, we know how difficult it can be finding the "perfect" place for the most treasured people in our lives...our children. That is why Lightway at The Ridge and Lightway at Sloans was created.

Our philosophy is to educate and nurture each child from birth through Preschool through individualized plans for development, and lesson plans designed with each child in mind. We work to create an environment that reinforces developmental and educational goals resulting in a well-balanced, loving and personalized environment for your child.

We understand that EVERYTHING MATTERS - from the love and attention every child receives, to recognizing each individual cry and most importantly, what makes each child laugh! Our goal is to know your children through and through. With Lightway at The Ridge and Lightway at Sloans being small centers, we know we will accomplish that and more!

We want to pamper you too! We understand how difficult it is to work and raise children. That is why we offer one date night a month for the most important caregiver, YOU, as a thank you and acknowledgement of a job well done- because YOU deserve it!

Lightway, a higher standard, and the right choice for you.

With secure live streaming video!

Lightway at Sloans
5440 West 25th Avenue
Edgewater, CO 80214

The Ridge
4340 Harlan Street
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033